Learning Strategies Study Every Day Tactics of Reading

Learning Strategies or Study Every Day is important for the student. Every student read minimum eight hours per day for good result in their exam. If any student add some tactics of reading, I think he will good result in his exam.The technique to remember the education works like a machine such as SPAA one kinds of water supply’s company name .I think every student already here this sound, Socrates is teacher of Pleto ,Pleto is teacher of Aristotle ,Aristotle is teacher of Alexander. Sort cut Formula is given below.Learning Strategies

 Learning Strategies Study Every Day / Tactics of Reading

.SPAA means




A= Alexander

 Learning strategies

Learning is the key of national backbones .Everyday practice with care. Bangladeshi about every exam on hold by MCQ system but syllabus is huge what are hard for student so we try to best for the easy way to recall learning.learning tactics is most important for the student.Learning Strategies

 Learning strategies


Japanese word entered in our language . Many student can’t remember this word, So that we attached the Remembering strategies of Japanese word.

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Reading tactics is the practice .writing is so tactics , I think if you try to follow this way you will be success .

 Learning strategies Study Every Day / Learning strategies


How to use strategies for improving their learning. there are many tactics here.Learning Strategies

  1. Practice
  2. More practice
  3. writing
  4. following strategies

Above image is example for tactics .every day visit our site for update information about Study.In class, regularly turn students’ attention to the visuals used in textbooks, on websites, and even in your own slideshow presentations. Have students describe the visuals to each other and make connections with what you’re learning. Then have students create their own visuals of the content to further reinforce it. Remind students to include diagramming, sketching, and creating graphic organizers when they study at home.

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